“You Should See My Chiropractor…”

I had low and mid back pain. My pain would flare to a severity that kept me immobile for days at a time. I had tried other chiropractors with limited success and I was using prescriptions pain relievers and muscle relaxer regularly for relief. My urgent care doctor referred me to Specific Family Chiropractic and assured me they did it differently than others. My only frustration was that SFC is outside my health insurance network. Everyone should have access to these folks. I have been a client for two years now. My back is treated on a maintenance level now. I have learned techniques to maintain my own back health. I have been thrilled to also be able to address other health issues like nutrition supplements for balanced health, hot flashes, and most recently carpal tunnel like symptoms. When I hear of friends and family in pain I say… “You should see my chiropractor.” I have had several family members agree with me.

Carol C.

Bad Carpal Tunnel…And To Say I Was Skeptical Was An Understatement…

I had really bad carpal tunnel and was actually going to do surgery but was convinced to give SFC a try. To say I was skeptical was an understatement. I really didn’t think they would be able to help me and I wondered if I was just going to be wasting my time and money. But within a couple of treatments my pain was gone!

Vera L.

Three Other Chiropractors, Physical Therapy 2 Times, Bio Feedback, & More…
When I first came to your office I suffered with neck pain, terrible headaches, and difficulty sitting for any period of time. I had been fighting with the headaches and pain for over 20 years. It had become so severe that it was on a daily basis. Before coming to SFC I had been to physical therapy twice, tried an acupressure specialist, TMJ specialist, I had my teeth filed (to adjust my overbite), I tried bio-feedback and had been on numerous medications. After I had heard of your office from a friend, I did hesitate for a few months before I finally made an appointment. I had already tried three other chiropractors and feared I would find no difference in yours. The care and treatment I have received at SFC has greatly improved my quality of life and allowed me to continue in my line of work. Thanks you guys!

Susan S.

Annoying Back Problem Solved…

“I suffered for about one and a half years because it was not debilitating, just really annoying. I tried strengthening the surrounding muscles which helped, but did not fix the problem. My body works properly now. Dr. Jeff found some other problem areas too and even helped my foot recover from over-use during the Birkebiener!”

Shane P.

“I Had Severe Headaches Along With Neck And Back Injuries From A Car Accident…Dr. Lavell Has Made A Significant Improvement In My Quality Of Life”

I first came in because of neck and back injuries due to auto accident. My neck and back pain were constant and causing severe headaches. I went to my doctor who gave me pills which weren’t a good combo for my pre-existent heart condition I have. I wasn’t skeptical, but I had a previous chiropractor who didn’t really help me too much. I have been treating for a few months and have noticed a significant decrease in the frequency and severity of my headaches. My neck and back pain have also gotten much less intense. Thank you so much Dr. Lavell for helping improve my quality of life!

Nicole O.

I Had High Blood Pressure And Couldn’t Find A Cause…Then My Cardiologist Referred Me To Specific Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center…

I had high blood pressure. It was around 150/80, the doctors thought it was caused by stress at school during fall 2006. I went on anti-anxiety meds and had no charge, then did exercise, that made a small change. I went to the cardiologist and they found no heart problems. She didn’t want to put me on blood pressure meds so she referred me to Dr. Lavell.

I personally wasn’t skeptical, but some of my family and friends were. I believe in alternative ways of healing besides conventional medicine especially learning about the spine and spinal nerves in my anatomy and physiology classes, it really makes sense to me. I was concerned mostly with my insurance not covering it since I am a full time student. My overall experience at the office has been very positive. My blood pressure has dropped, and is continuing to drop substantially. I saw improvements within a month of having adjustments and taking supplements. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Lavell. I was becoming discouraged at not being able to fix my blood pressure without medication. I am so appreciative because my heart and my health I take very seriously and I’m glad Dr. Lavell was able to help me!


Katie P.

“I Had Thrown My Back Out Three Times In Four Months…But After The First Few Weeks With Specific Family Chiropractic & Wellness I Had Results!”

I had low back pain, in fact I had thrown my back out three times in four months. I finally decided it wasn’t going to fix itself. I had never had previous forms of care before coming in for this problem. I was a bit worried it was going to be inconvenient. But surprisingly I felt much better after the first few weeks.

I had gone to a different chiropractor years ago and was not satisfied, even after months of treatment. Treatment at Specific Family seems much more comprehensive.

Jessica B.

I Suffered With Back Pain For Almost 20 Years!

I am a referee for rugby and that requires a bunch of running every match. I had a sore lower back and hip pain. I had suffered for almost 20 years with the lower back pain. When I first came in, I could barely walk and needed to ref the next weekend. Two years of chiropractic in the late 70’s with no results and one year physical therapy with some results but not too much made me pretty skeptical. After having tried chiropractic before it seemed like putting my body through trauma at the chiropractor didn’t make sense but got to the point where I was willing to try anything. Dr. Lavell had me running the following weekend and has kept me able to continuing refereeing for the last seven years. At first I had to come a couple times a week and now I am good just coming in for an adjustment every other month.

Eva K.

“I Had Arm Pain So Bad I Could Not Lift A Bag Of Groceries…For 2 Years I Suffered Despite Appointments With An Orthopedic Surgeon & Physical Therapy…But After 1 Month Of Treatment My Arms Were Totally Pain Free!”

I was suffering form tennis elbow in both of my arms when I first saw Dr. Lavell in June 2005. I could not lift a bag of groceries, vacuum, or lift my arms above my head, among other things without severe pain. For two years this painful condition persisted despite my appointments with an Orthopedic Surgeon, and physical therapy I had received.

My best friend Sue M. who had been successfully treated by Dr. Lavell finally insisted that I see “her doctor.” I admit I was reluctant, but Sue made the appointment, drove me there, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I noticed a marked improvement after the first two weeks of treatments. The pain was decreasing and I was able to do things I had not been able to do for a long time. After a month of treatments at Specific Family Chiropractic my arms were totally pain free. Dr. Lavell then proceeded to treat my back and legs from a 2001 car accident. Once again old pain and stiffness began to subside. My back improved significantly, and my legs became strong enough to jog. Before I saw Dr. Lavell, I struggled everyday with pain. I was convinced pain would be a permanent part of my life. I am so thankful for the excellent treatments I received from both doctors.


Connie M.

After 6 Years, 2 Other Chiropractors, And Medication I Finally Found Relief At Specific Family Chiropractic & Wellness

I first had lower back pain from being thrown from a horse. The pain was very bad, and I suffered for six years and two other chiropractors. I first tried muscle relaxers and laying flat in bed for two weeks, then two other chiropractors which obviously wasn’t working. A friend recommended I come here and I wasn’t satisfied with the results the other two doctors were giving me, so what the heck! I’ve been coming here for six and a half years now and the results have been wonderful. I have set backs once in awhile, but not as often or severe. I’ve learned what to do and not to do so my back stays healthy. The doctors and massage therapists have been outstanding and the office help is always friendly. I’ve referred several people because of the trust I have in everyone.

Beth T.

“I Had Arm Pain, Tingling, And Numbness…I Could Hardly Move The Pain Was So Severe. After Coming To Specific Family Chiropractic & Wellness I Was Back On Track In Only 2 Visits! In 3 or 4 I Was Pain Free!”

I had upper back and neck pain, left arm pain, tingling in back and arm, and numbness in fingers. It was an ongoing thing that kept getting worse. When I finally went to my first visit I could hardly move the pain was so severe. I sought treatment from another chiropractor, used lots of pain medications, ice, heat, different sleeping arrangements, all with little or no results.

I was back on track after two visits, even after the first adjustment I noticed a big difference! In three to four visits I was absolutely pain free. About six visits the numbness went away completely. I feel better now then when I was at my best before all the pain started. I no longer feel tensed up when I sit at my computer all day or when I sleep and do simple everyday tasks. I currently see Dr. Lavell and he is awesome. I would recommend Specific Family & Wellness to anyone. In fact, my boss is having extreme back pain. I am going to send her this way.


Tania M.

I Just Thought It Was Part Of Getting Old…

I had never seen a doctor regarding my back or neck because I thought it was all part of getting older. I frequently took aspirin and or IBP after a long walk because of the pain and stiffness. At work when I would get up from my best after sitting for period of time. I would be so stiff I could not immediately stand up straight. I would need to walk slightly bent over… gradually standing up straight as I walked. My neck was stiff too but here again I thought it was part of getting older and probably needing… a better pillow. After beginning care with Specific Family when I get up I am no longer stiff and unable to straighten up. My back feels great. . I am grateful and more than satisfied with the quality of care I have received at SFC. I have highly recommended them to other family members who have also been fully satisfied with care and results they have received.

Susan M.

“I Was So Numb In My Legs & Feet I Was Concerned About Driving My Car Since It Was A Stick Shift And I Couldn’t Feel My Legs! But No More, My Numbness Is Completely Gone!”

“I suffered with this numbness for about 3 years. The problem was real severe. The numbness would hit me hard and then periodically subside a bit (never fully), then come back again and again intensely. One time during work my legs were so bad I had to leave the job because I wasn’t able to work. And being in the trades, time is money.

I saw several doctors and two neurologists and had numerous exams and blood tests, MRI’s, and more. I was 27 years old at the time, scared and desperate. The thought of facing the rest of my life in my present numb debilitating condition was overwhelming to me. I was willing to try just about anything.

Dr. Lavell encouraged me that he was quite confident he would not only improve my condition, but could get rid of my numbness entirely. I was cautiously optimistic as my treatments began. As the weeks went by and I finished my prescribed treatment plan I was happy to say that my numbness was totally and completely gone! After three years of suffering, after numerous doctors were unable to give me relief the Dr. Lavell was able to cure me and give me back my good quality of life. Thank you! I will always highly recommend you for what you did for me.”

Ryan M.
Coon Rapids

“I Had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And My Hand Fell Asleep Every Night For Two To Three Months…But Not Anymore Thanks To Specific Family Chiropractic & Wellness!”

I had carpel tunnel syndrome, my right hand would fall asleep every night for two to three months. I tried a hand brace at night it helped as long as I wore the brace.

I believed that chiropractors were doctors who would just do enough to make you feel better for awhile just to keep you coming back and not just fix the problem. It took about three visits before I started to feel the effects of the treatment. Now, my hand doesn’t fall asleep at night. My treatment here has been delightful.

I also have restless leg syndrome. Dr. Lavell says that 90% of the time most G.P.’s just give you a pill instead of finding out what the cause really is. He likes to find out what may be causing your abnormal labs, or problems instead of just covering up the problem. I also found out something that helped my wife with her heartburn.


Michael B.

“The Neurologist Gave Me X-rays, CT Scans, MRI, And An EEG Which They Said Was All Normal…Then They Sent Me To PT And Gave Me Pain Medicine But It Did Not Fix My Problems…Now I See Dr. Lavell And All My Areas Are Improving, And I’m Only In The Middle Of My Treatment Plan!”

I had lower back pain, pain between the shoulders and headaches with vision. I had L5-S1 surgery in 2004, 2 pregnancies, saw a neurologist for the headaches and started PT for the back pain. My father told me about Dr. Lavell. I saw the neurologist, he said my x-rays, CT scan, MRI, and EEG were all normal. He gave me pain medicine for the headaches the PT gave me exercises to strengthen my muscles to aid in lifting and doing daily activities, but he didn’t fix my spine.

I came to see if Dr. Lavell could help my back. I didn’t know that he could help so many ailments caused by pinched nerves. I referred my husband, who was in a car accident and was suffering from back pain. He said Dr. Lavell helped his pain go away. I also brought in my 5 month old to treat her for acid reflux and a tender spine. Dr. Lavell treated 4 different areas on my spine. My neck greatly improved through adjustments. My headaches have reduced infrequently and intensity, and we are still treating them. My mid back is improving and my lower back has improved and is still improving. I am in the middle of my treatment.

My husband’s pain went away in his neck and upper back from the car accident. My daughter’s spine is doing much better and her reflux has improved in frequency. I am currently an EMT and a nursing student, and I will definitely refer people for a variety of ailments. Thank you Dr. Lavell!


I Had Pain In My Neck That Was An ‘8’ Out Of ’10’ And I Was Miserable…My Insurance Doesn’t Cover It But I Come Anyway, I Know When I’ve Found A Good Thing!”

I had pain and tightness in neck and back. On a scale of 1-10 I would say it was an “8”. I have had this for 2+ years. I use to see a chiropractor in Illinois that used the Gonstead technique and he told me to be sure and find a doctor that used this.

To make a long story short, I didn’t. I was miserable and now I come to Specific Family Chiropractic and I feel “GOOD”! No, my insurance does not cover this for me, but I come anyway. I know a good thing when I have found it! I still come but my initial problem took about two months to get results. I am treated very well and I do know that they truly care for the way I feel.

Shelley W.

“I Had Lower Back Pain For 2 Years With Pains Shooting Down My Leg…I Was Taking Muscle Relaxers…But With Treatment At Specific Family Chiropractic & Wellness My Back Started Feeling A Lot Better!”

I had lower back and neck pain. I had lower back pain for two years, it had gotten so bad that I had shooting pains down my leg, and was taking muscle relaxers for it. I went to a different chiropractor. He didn’t seem concerned with my long term health, and he didn’t do any tests to see what was actually wrong. With the other chiropractor I had to just go in when ever it hurt, but the staff here was more concerned with the pain getting solved long term.

Fortunately, I didn’t have any skepticism or apprehensions about coming here because a friend recommended for me to come. After coming here I was very grateful that we made a treatment plan and my back started feeling a lot better within the first month. The office is also much nicer than I was expecting, people here really seem to care.

Nicole T.

I Had Back Pain That Was A 7 of 10 And The Pain Was Not Going Anywhere, Except More Pain…

My lower back was hurting when I came in he found three more problems which I wasn’t aware of. The pain was bad about 7 out of 10. I came after a week and four days. I didn’t go anywhere else before coming here because I thought it was one of those pains that just go away but this one wasn’t going anywhere, except more pain.

I had never been to a chiropractor, but when I came in everybody was very friendly. I was referred in by my brother so that helped a little bit. But, I thought that I would just get medicine and be on my way which it would have been the same as going to the doctor. I don’t remember how long I have been coming for treatment but it didn’t feel like it was too long and the pain is almost gone. I definitely feel a lot better than when I first came in I would recommend this great place to anyone with back pain or without energy. I used to sleep and didn’t feel like doing anything but as my back got better so did my energy. Now, I am back to my normal exercise and to playing sports to what I like to do especially playing soccer.

Jorge B.

My Carpal Tunnel Pain Was So Intense That I Couldn’t Hold My Infant…But I Had Results After Two Visits!

I was in a lot of pain. I had been for several months, over several years with carpal tunnel and back pain. I took Advil often, but it was becoming un-effective. The pain was so intense, I could not hold my infant for long periods of time, let alone my toddlers. I had been to another chiropractor several years prior and had some success but I was somewhat skeptical, because of living with such pain for so long. I do not have time or money to spare on expensive, long-term treatment plans. I am a stay at home mother of four kids, but once I started treatment and felt results I knew it would be worth it. Fortunately, I felt results after two visits! My health is very important. So it’s great that Dr. Lavell is always providing education on overall wellness. He takes time to listen and is up front and honest about his care plans. I love the office staff! They are friendly, kind, and very patient! The office is a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


Deveny M.

“For Over 20 Years I Had Dealt With Severe Pain, Burning & Pinching, Sometimes So Debilitating I Could Hardly Support My Own Weight… After Six Weeks The Pinching & Burning Was Gone!”

I had multiple injuries, and suffered from a bulged disc in neck and low back. I also had a reverse curve in my neck from whiplash, and severe pinching in mid back. For over 20 years I have dealt with severe pain, burning and pinching, sometimes so debilitating I could hardly support my own weight.

I tried physical therapy, massage, traction, chiropractic, bio feed back, and prolotherapy. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about receiving more chiropractic care because I had been treated for over 20 years. And, even though it was helpful and very much needed, it seemed like I became dependent because everything was adjusted up and down my whole spine and those adjustments would not hold in place, causing more pain because vertebrae would not stay.

After about six weeks of treatment… it did exactly that, my spine stayed in place! The pinching was gone! The burning in my neck and low back from the bulged discs were also gone. Their approach to treatment was incredible and it is so amazing to me that it was so effective and took so little time. I now go in about once a month for maintenance adjustment. Thanks Drs. and staff, you all have been great!

Grant C.

I Had Neck And Back Pain For Seven Or Eight Months…

I had neck and back pain with stiffness. Seven to eight months off and on with aches and pain. I didn’t try other forms of care, but was recommended and encouraged by a family member to come here. Results have been positive. Experience has been pleasant. Very nice staff cheerful, casual, prompt, and relaxing.


Charles E.

Heartburn So Bad I Had Surgery…

I had a NISSEN Fundoplication in May 2003 and did well until November 2004. My symptom stared all over again and lost 20# as a result. I had difficulty eating coarse, spicy foods and at times it didn’t seem to matter what I ate. I sought the help of my MD again and was started on Prilosec once a day and then increased to twice a day with no relief. I had an endoscopy in December 2004 which was normal and still my symptoms didn’t cease. Of course I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor for my problem but I was desperate and had to try something. With the Specific Family Chiropractic I had the courage to stop taking Prilosec, which I haven’t taken now for a few months. It has been 3 months and I eat anything I want. One major concern I had was paying for the treatment because my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care but they set up a reasonable payment plan. I am very pleased about the care I have received.

Susan H.

I Had Gone To Another Chiropractor Who Caused My Arm To Go Numb After His Treatment, So Coming To Another Made Me Apprehensive…But After The FIRST Visit The Feeling In My Arm Came Back!

I had neck pain, chronic lower back pain, and sciatica (numb right leg). For two weeks I suffered with the neck pain and 10 years with lower back pain. First I went to my regular doctor who prescribed me an anti-inflammatory. When the pills ran out I went to a different chiropractor to seek care, because there was still pain. He did not take any x-rays or or even do an exam but just decided to do the adjustment. After a few hours my right arm went numb. I had some worries that seeking another chiropractor would make it worse, but was experiencing so much pain that I decided to try again (my friend referred me, so that helped).

After the consultation I realized that other ailments I had been experiencing had a connection with my neck pain. After my first adjustment my feeling in my right arm had come back and after the second week my mobility had increased and pain had subsided. I decided to address my chronic lower back pain and it too has allowed me to participate in a more physical lifestyle (i.e. running) without pain. The massage therapists also showed me stretches to improve my mobility. No more numbness, no pinching, and I feel great. Thanks to the whole staff at Specific Family Chiropractic in having empathy with my situation and always being warm and proactive.

Cassandra E.

“Sore Back & Neck That Had Lasted For Years Because Of Stress…”

I could barely turn my head. I was so stiff. I started to feel better relatively fast and the headaches went away. I will continue to use chiropractic care to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Janis Q.